Warlord Fight A Block War With New Judge Dredd Expansion!

February 7, 2023 by brennon

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Warlord Games has fired up pre-orders for their new Judge Dredd expansion, Block War! Get stuck into a brutal clash inside the towering structures of Mega-City One and beyond with your Judges and a mess of different gangs.

Judge Dredd Block War Expansion - Warlord Games

Judge Dredd: Block War Expansion // Warlord Games

This expansion offers up a new way to play as you dive into your block wars. You will build your own block with its unique characteristics, residents and more and then go to war with your friends to show who's best! You'll be able to raise the common citizens of Mega-City One to fight for you or instead work with the likes of the elite Citi-Def.

Scenarios will be tied together into a larger campaign where you'll be able to damage sections of your enemy's block and maybe finally bring it crashing to the ground to show off just how powerful you and your gang have become. You might also find yourself wanting to shut all this down with your Judges.

Inside the set, you'll get the new Block Wars book which covers all this plus City Block Datasheets for making your own corner of Mega-City One. You'll also get the Block War Deck, three new Armoury Cards and then two Rampaging Residents which are exclusives to this set.

New Judge Dredd Sets

If you want to instead quell this rebellion in the heart of the city, you might like the Justice Department Riot Control set.

Justice Department Riot Control - Warlord Games

Justice Department Riot Control // Warlord Games

These Assault Judges have been trained to get stuck into ending the criminal goings-on in the most brutal ways possible. They carry riot shields, day sticks and disruptor guns and will do anything to bring down those rioting so they can weed out the ringleaders. Whilst they might operate in small teams, they are heavily armoured and heavily armed meaning they can deal with a LOT of foes all at once.

Looking to those who are doing the rioting, you might also want to snap up these Fatties At War.

Fatties At War - Warlord Games

Fatties At War // Warlord Games

Essentially living battering rams at this point, these Fatties are going to stumble their way into the heart of the fighting to claim what's theirs. This particular set comes with Fats Hambo and a Fattie Battering Ram that could end up being a decent way to draw attention away from yourself in the midst of a riot.

Last but not least, there is the new Mega-City Resident Mob set which is going to be very useful for diving into Block War.

Mega-City Resident Mob - Warlord Games

Mega-City Resident Mob // Warlord Games

I love that this set comes with such a nice array of different characters for you to use in your games. Whilst they are normally law-abiding citizens, these residents, will turn into quite the challenge to deal with when they get angry. Quantity has a quality all of its own.

All of the miniatures you've seen here come in Warlord Resin and each set also comes with the game cards that you need for using them on the tabletop. If you're properly into your Judge Dredd then I could see this being an excellent addition to your collection!

What do you make of this Block War expansion?

"You'll be able to raise the common citizens of Mega-City One to fight for you..."

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