Battle Alongside Cryx’s New Captain Aiakos in Warmachine

August 1, 2016 by brennon

Continuing a look at what's ahead for Warmachine by Privateer Press they also shown off some amazing artwork and the new model for Captain Aiakos. Cryx are getting themselves an epic new Warcaster...

Captain Aiakos

Captain Aiakos is looking fantastically brutal. He was even sculpted by our good friend Doug Hamilton who was at the EU Masters with us in Brno earlier this year. But, a good model needs a base and here's his concept art by Andrea Uderzo.

Epic Aiakos Art

This was then taken into the digital sculpting realm by Doug who managed to turn him into a model with some dynamism to him.

Aiakos Render #1

Aiakos Render #2

The final paint job shown in the first image was done by Dallas Kemp who provides you with the scheme you'll be trying to re-create with your own models.

What Came Before?

As with most of the characters we're looking at this week they have existed in the game to some degree before. Aiakos was known as the Scourge of the Meredius and looked like this.

Aiakos - Scourge Of The Meredius

"Having honed his skills through years of piracy upon the Meredius, Aiakos moves with his battlegroup like a specter of death both at sea and on land, striking down foes with wicked effectiveness. Nowhere is his cruelty more apparent than in his weapon of choice, a chained harpoon he uses to impale his victims before reeling them in to deliver the death blow."

The pirate has turned from Reaver to Warcaster and is looking the better for it. It's nice to see these characters joining the ranks of the existing Warcasters and developing not only the narrative but their powers too.

Finally we have this wonderful artwork by Néstor Ossandòn showing how scared you should be of Aiakos...

Aiakos Full Art

Are you a Cryx player in need of a new Warcaster? Did you maybe use Aiakos in his role as a Solo?

Get your thoughts below!

"The pirate has turned from Reaver to Warcaster and is looking the better for it..."

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