Bloody Buccaneers & MORE Characters Coming To Warmachine

July 31, 2016 by brennon

Gen Con is going to be a massive few days for Privateer Press. As well as more folks picking up MK III of Warmachine and Hordes they also have more characters to add to the roster. First off we're looking at the new addition for Khador, Kommander Andrei Malakov...

Kommander Andrei Malakov

This is a mighty fine looking Warcaster for the folks who play Khador. I love how detailed the armour is, straddling the line between it being a Fantasy suit of armour and a Sci-Fi one. His long, mean face shows that he means business too.

Malakov Art

His artwork also shows off how his loyal troops are willing to go to great lengths to keep him alive with their sacrifices...right? Some fantastic artwork which really shows off his character in more depth.

A Dashing Elf

As well as Malakov here we also have some of the render work and art for Elara from the Retribution of Scyrah. She is looking excellent here in this artwork; a style very reminiscent of the work you seen in World of Warcraft.

Elara Art

The goggles and, well, most of the elegant movement you see in this artwork have crossed over into the miniature design too. See what you think...

Elara Render #1

Elara Render #2

She looks like a wild new Warcaster to have under your command. This model also continues to show why I love the units for Retribution but not the 'Jacks themselves - I mean just look at how cool this Elf is!?

One Brew Too Many

Rounding things off we step to the dark side and join Cryx as they also showed off the Bloody Buccaneer Brew Skarre that you can snap up at Gen Con this coming week. A rather epic looking model I think you'll agree.

Bloody Buccaneer Skarre Satyxis

This is a fantastic miniature packed with character and quite frankly just what you want as a collector of Warmahordes miniatures - a bit of fun to get stuck into some different painting styles. The model is also aching to be added to a diorama based on this artwork.

Bloody Buccaneer Art

Imagine if you could put together this little bar room brawl as a diorama? It would make for quite the scene.

Are you getting stuck into more Warmahordes with MK III?

"Imagine if you could put together this little bar room brawl as a diorama?"

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