Check Out Privateer Press’ MiniCrate Character Concept Art

September 12, 2017 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been showing off some of the concept art for the characters you'll be getting in the upcoming MiniCrate releases.

Swamp Horror

The Swamp Horror that you see here is going to be the model within the first MiniCrate, a service which delivers to your door a cool and unique figure as well as design and concept art that helped bring it to life. You have until September 19th to get your hands on the first model.

Beyond that, we have a look at the model for October too with Die Wulfe In Sheep's Clothing.

Di Wulfe In Sheeps Clothing

This model is a tad more playful than the terrifying Swamp Horror but I'm sure that she'd still blow you up given half the chance. The Bagpiper Of Ord...

Bagpiper Of Ord

...and this hauntingly Christmasy creature are then going to be the miniatures that will take you up to Christmas and the end of 2017.

Xmas Geist

For those who love painting individual figures and trying out new techniques, this seems like a great idea, especially since it's based around the world of Warmahordes. It does a nice job of expanding on the world and also adding a bit of fan service into the mix too.

Here is one of the models that is coming next year...

Ashes To Ashlynn

I think I'd want that model in my collection. Whilst I like the idea I can't help but put my Critical Role fanboy hat on and say how much that's like Pike from Vox Machina.

What do you think of the MiniCrate idea?

"You have until September 19th to get your hands on the first model..."

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