The Cygnar Trenchers Are Set For An Update In Warmachine

June 9, 2017 by brennon

The forces of Cygnar might be getting themselves a few updates from Privateer Press and in particular, the Trenchers that form the solid backbone of their force. Here we have some of the Warmachine concept art that popped up online...

Command Anson Hitch

Leading the way we have this stern looking fellow known as Commander Anson Hitch, wearing an exceptionally awesome jacket. He is then matched against a range of troops including the Trencher Commando Officer...

Trencher Commando Officer

...and the Trencher Journeyman. Each of these new soldiers is looking utterly awesome and decidedly more burly than their previous incarnations.

Trencher Journeyman

Some specialists have also been thrown into the mix as you can see here with the Trencher Long Gunner & Officer taking on the enemy at range.

Trencher Long Gunner & Officer

The Trencher Express Team, featuring an epic looking Trollblood here, is also a welcome sight and it's neat to see some of the other races being drawn into the mix for the forces of Cygnar.

Trencher Express Team

You can't go too far wrong with a Trencher Company Dog joining the Trenchers as a bit of an add-on. Of course, they need to bring the pose where the dog is pointing to life.

Trencher Company Dog

Last but not least we also have this piece of terrain which was shown off. Here we have the Trencher Blockhouse.

Trencher Blockhouse

You don't normally see terrain coming to life from Privateer Press but maybe this is going to be the start of something.

Are you going to be checking out these Trenchers when they hit the tabletop in the near future?

Let us know in the comments...

"Leading the way we have this stern looking fellow known as Command Anson Hitch, wearing an exceptionally awesome jacket..."

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