Gunslingers, Grenadiers & A Holy Warrior Come To Warmachine

October 6, 2016 by brennon

Set for release next week Privateer Press have added three new sets to their webstore for you Warmachine fans. We'll kick things off by taking a look at the tinkers that are the Stormsmith Grenadiers!

Stormsmith Grenadiers

"Cygnar’s stormsmiths do not balk at the strange and sometimes hazardous mechanikal innovations conceived by the brilliant mind of Artificer General Sebastian Nemo. These men and women embrace such lightning-spewing creations with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that first drew them to the stormsmithing arts.

Bringing experimental storm chamber technology to the front lines, grenadiers create volatile electrical fields able to take on different properties of electromagnetism and kinetic force."

It's great seeing how they've made they look that little bit mad when it comes to the sculpts here. Their wild hair makes you wonder whether or not they should be allowed to play around with grenades! They are most likely going to be an invaluable unit on the battlefield however with their various grenade types.

Following on from them we embrace the word of Menoth and take a look at the Knight Exemplar Officer.

Knights Exemplar Officer

"Stern, humorless, and intense, the officers of the Knights Exemplar lead their detachments with a holy fervor that inspires even the most capable among their ranks to greater martial prowess. Unflinching in the face of terrifying threats and hopeless battles, these officers ensure the commands of the scrutators are executed to perfection.

While absolute loyalty and obedience are expected of all Exemplars, it is the officers who make certain this standard is upheld."

Resplendent in her heavy armour she looks the very vision of Menoth's will on the battlefield. All it's missing is a lot of fire. Just a bit whipping up around her as she tells her men to burn everything in sight. In Menoth's eyes that seems to solve every problem.

Lastly, we're looking at some models from Cryx with the Satyxis Gunslingers.

Satyxis Gunslingers

"Storming the decks of ill-fated ships to the crackle of gunfire and flashes of brilliant green light, Satyxis gunslingers channel their unique blood magic through the barrels of their pistols.

As hybrids who combine the dark rites of the Satyxis and the intuitive magic of the gun mage’s art, gunslingers weave fell sorcery to sow death and destruction among the enemy ranks."

These ladies sport an updated look from some of the existing Satyxis that exist for Cryx. I think they've taken on more of an anime/manga style look which will certainly please a fair few people. The new look does seem to bring them in line with some of the newer sculpts too.

What do you think?

"Their wild hair makes you wonder whether or not they should be allowed to play around with grenades!"

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