Heroic Solos & Thundering Cavalry Coming To Warmachine

June 4, 2015 by brennon

Some new heroes and a unit of thundering cavalry for Khador have popped up as coming soon for Warmachine by Privateer Press. See what you think of this new ramble of models ahead of Lock N' Load...

Blade Wielding Heroes

First up we have the two character solos with Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye and Savio Montero Acosta for the Mercenaries and Cygnar respectively...

Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye

"A former physician who has turned his skills to the ceaseless conflicts of western Immoren, Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye is highly esteemed by those under his command. Verendrye has found his place in the bloody press of melee, employing his medical expertise to keep his men standing and using his keen battlefield acumen to lead them to victory."

Savio Montero Acosta

"The Ordsman Savio Montero Acosta is determined to test himself against the finest melee combatants the Iron Kingdoms has to offer in his relentless pursuit of martial transcendence. As an unabashed Thamarite and a master swordsman, Acosta regards perfecting his own abilities to be the highest calling.

Armed with twin storm glaives, a legacy of his time fighting alongside Cygnar’s Malcontents, this duelist faces down the mightiest of foes. Few combatants can hope to match his prowess—and those are precisely the opponents he seeks most fervently."

...and if those heroes haven't got you amped up for some awesomeness in Immoren then this guy surely will. I normally don't like the Retribution models but Thyron, Sword of Truth as one of their Warcasters is pretty darn epic.

Thyron, Sword of Truth

"A master of House Ellowuyr’s unique swordfighting discipline, Thyron matches stillness with blurring speed. He is a tempest of sharpened steel, a paragon of Ellowuyr’s art of war. His command of his army is not unlike his technique with a blade.

He stages quick bouts and feints with myrmidons and soldiers to draw out the opponent’s strength. When he perceives a weakness in the enemy line, he guides his army like a sword thrust directly at the enemy’s heart."

Not bad at all. I love the armour design that embraces a bit more of the 'steampunk' aspect of things from the rest of the Warmachine factions but still retains a sense of the Scyrah about him.

Thundering Charges

As well as the solos and Warcaster there is a new repacked unit of Kador Iron Fang Uhlans which allows you to field a full selection of them on the battlefield.

Iron Fang Uhlans

"Serving as the forward fighting arm of an Iron Fang contingent, Iron Fang Uhlans are often the first to ride into the enemy. These mounted Iron Fangs fluidly ride together and meld classical horselord cavalry tactics with the shoulder-to-shoulder fighting formations customary of Iron Fang assaults.

The armored horses are so powerful they have been known to knock warjacks to the ground, and they can easily crush an enemy’s skull under their spike-shod hooves."

I quite like the design choices here and the horses all look like they could smash their way through ranked up infantry with ease. I do also feel very sorry for the horses having to carry all that armour into battle but they seem ok with it!

Will you be picking this stuff up?

"I normally don't like the Retribution models but Thyron, Sword of Truth as one of their Warcasters is pretty darn epic..."

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