New Crucible Guard Coming This July For Privateer’s Warmachine

July 7, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press is going to be going all Ordic over the next month with the release of the Crucible Guard Characters, Units, Warjacks and more for Warmachine. We start things off with their characters...

Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke - Warmachine

Now that is a rather awesome looking lady.

"Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke is a young and accomplished arcane mechanik and warcaster who also happens to be a pious Cyrissist. Outfitted with a custom-built and augmented armour frame, Locke is not only a Crucible Guard warcaster, but she leads the arm overseeing the fabrication of the Crucible Guard’s warjacks.

While her faith is known to her peers, they do not suspect she acts as a secret observer and agent for the Convergence of Cyriss, bringing them intelligence from within the other organization. Her skill with machinery and engineering both on and off the battlefield has made her a highly valued asset to both groups."

She looks awesome indeed and I love the idea that a Warcast is really harnessing the power of their technology and fusing it together with their innate powers.

As well as that on the character front we have Doctor Adolpheus Morely.

Doctor Adolpheus Morely - Warmachine

"Doctor Adolpheus Morley is an alchemist obsessed with his work, foregoing all comforts in his latest efforts to unlock new discoveries. Morley, who supports the Guard as head of its surgical division, has become obsessed with the effect of alchemical concoctions on the body, human or otherwise. Soldiers given to his care receive treatment with wary apprehension, as the man has a reputation as a dangerous lunatic.

He views the battlefield as the ideal test bed for his latest creations, exposing his troops to all manner of combat stimulants without restriction. That a significant number of his mercenaries who survive the fighting subsequently expire does not deter the doctor in the slightest."

He does look like a rather kindly man although from the sounds of it I don't think I'd trust him with my loved ones and comrades. I get echoes of Fabius Bile from him...


The Crucible Guard also bring with them a vast array of new Warjacks to use in your games. So, here is the set so far...


Suppressor - Warmachine


Vindicator - Warmachine


Liberator - Warmachine


Toro - Warmachine

They are all looking very awesome indeed, each with a slightly unique twist to them. They remind me a little bit of a nice between what we've seen from Cygnar but with a twist of the Khador about it too which is interesting.

I have to say if nothing else the colour scheme is very much winning me over. I do like the look and it is very punchy on the tabletop.

Extra Support

As well as the Warjacks under their command, the Crucible Guard can also call upon the Rocketmen...

Crucible Guard Rocketmen - Warmachine

...and the Combat Alchemists, each of whom brings their own unique abilities to the tabletop.

Combat Alchemists - Warmachine

It is once again a shame to see what the Rocketmen have so many repeated sculpts amongst the box set but as they're quite dynamic it should mean that you won't be able to tell when you're actually gaming.

Last but not least we also have the Dragon's Breath Rocket.

Dragon's Breath Rocket - Warmachine

There is a very interesting Cylon look to the Crucible Guard I have just realised. It's the helmets that do it...or maybe it's something more Cyberman?

All of this can be collected together inside the Crucible Guard Army Box which includes a lot of the miniatures you've seen here and some that haven't been featured yet!

Crucible Guard Army Box

So, that should have your July sorted out I reckon! Will you be going for them when they release?

Drop your thoughts below...

"So, that should have your July sorted out I reckon!"

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