Privateer Press Tease Warmachine MKIV’s New Mercenaries

September 9, 2022 by brennon

Privateer Press has been showing off some of the new Warmachine MKIV miniatures coming soon to slot into the Mercenaries collection for the new edition! Some returning characters look to be on the way if the community is on the money.

Eilish Garrity - Warmachine

Eilish Garrity // Warmachine

The first of the miniatures seems to be for Eilish Garrity who was one of the Black River Irregulars. He has aged a bit since we last saw him, possibly because of the arcane power that he has been tapping into. I'm not sure that anything good comes from holding onto a magical skull.

The next of the miniatures is one of the Doomseekers but one who has potentially mastered one of the cursed blades.

Aleksandra Zerkova Doomreaver - Warmachine

Doomreaver (Aleksandra Zerkova?) // Warmachine

This is the quote that came alongside the reveal of the miniature...

"The blade no longer wields me, but *I* am most certainly the weapon." - Prisoner 102822

Some folks have said that there is a resemblance to the once Khador Warcaster, Aleksandra Zerkova due to the scar on her face. It will be interesting to see if she has properly gone down a dangerous path and is seeking redemption.

Lastly, we have what appears to be a properly powered-up Alexia Ciannor.

Alexia Ciannor - Warmachine

Alexia Ciannor // Warmachine

Listed as an infamous sorceress and the wielder of the blade, Witchfire, a lot of folks will be familiar with her from the many novels, roleplaying game adventures and such that she has participated in. She has powerful necromantic abilities and now finds herself hunted by the Church Of Morrow as she serves as a mercenary.

It seems like there is a proper "evil" or at least "anti-hero" focus with the miniatures that are joining the Mercenaries at the moment. I am eager to see where they go with this in the future and how they will be folded into the game at large.

Are you liking these new miniatures? Do you have other theories as to who they might be?

"It seems like there is a proper "evil" or at least "anti-hero" focus with the miniatures that are joining the Mercenaries at the moment..."

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