The Warcasters Of Apotheosis Arrive For Tactics!

August 5, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press have managed to push through more targets on their Warmachine: Tactics campaign and now the Warcasters of Apotheosis have arrived. Check out each of them for the main factions below...

Captain E. Dominic Darius

Harbinger of Menoth

Karchev the Terrible

Lich Lord Terminous

These are going to look awesome when it comes to the video game since the artwork is damn fine to begin with! As well as these massive hulking Warcasters there is also some news as to the potential voice actor for the game. Adam Baldwin, of Firefly fame has been approached about lending his voice to the campaign!

As well as voice actors a selection of cinematics are also going to be made for the games campaign giving it a definitive edge. To round things off and get all you Warmachine junkies going they have previewed a render of one of the Warcasters...

Aiakos 3D Render

Aiakos of Cryx is looking like the Predator got an upgrade and he is one awesome addition to the tabletop. If you pledged for this fellow then you are going to be a very happy chappy I think!

Are you pumped for this game?

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