The Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter Begins July 10th 2013!

July 3, 2013 by brennon

As the title says, Privateer Press' new Kickstarter for Warmachine: Tactics will be starting on July 10th. Check out some more screenshots from the game showing off some pretty neat looking graphics...

Warmachine - Tactics Screenshot #1

Warmachine - Tactics Screenshot #2

The screenshots show off the two sides that are going to be immediately included within the game, Khador and Cygnar. You'll find a single player and multiplayer game modes too when it hits but if the stretch goals are met then Cryx and Menoth might be making an appearance too.

If not through the Kickstarter I would imagine you'll see them as downloadable content down the line. I have no doubt that the Kickstarter will push past its stretch goals and we'll see this game become a reality.

Will you be pledging?

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