Hunt Down The Fabled Forest Dragon In ArcWorlde Kickstarter

October 16, 2019 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has now got to the stage on their ArcWorlde 2nd Edition Kickstarter where they have added this mighty Forest Dragon into the mix alongside a PDF scenario for you to play out!

Forest Dragon Main - Warploque Miniatures

This new campaign add-on provides you with the monster itself, a towering Forest Dragon which has been sculpted in typical Warploque style. Each of the Dragons that Warploque has done in the past has a really awesome folklore feel to it.

Forest Dragon Front - Warploque Miniatures

They feel like the Dragons that you read about in Norse mythology, huge wingless beasts which stomp forth from caves to hunt down wayward travellers. This one is no doubt a guardian of the woods, awoken from its slumber and now spreading terror across the lands.

Forest Dragon Rear - Warploque Miniatures

As well as the impressive model that you can see here there's also a PDF which outlines the campaign as you head out to slay this mighty drake. You'll be led through six new scenarios which explore the hunt through the forest plus new lore fragments and magical items which you can use in your campaigns.

In addition to that, you'll also find two Juvenile Dragons as well which are the Forest Dragons' kin, wandering the woods looking for food might end up being you!

There is a lot more to explore as part of the Kickstarter and with just over a week left on the campaign, you'll want to dive in and take a peek at what they have to offer.

Are you going to be snapping this up?

"'ll want to dive in and take a peek at what they have to offer"

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