Three New Releases Hit From Prodos For Warzone: Resurrection

December 14, 2016 by brennon

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Prodos Games has put together three new releases for Warzone: Resurrection this month in the run-up to Christmas. With that in mind, we're going to start with the seasonal character in the shape of Krampus Razide!

Krampus Razide #1

This particular fellow is a big musclebound Razide with a Nazgaroth Rifle if you wanted to use him in game. However, of course, he's been given a bit of a Christmas make-over and now he's protecting all of the presents rather than handing them out.

Krampus #2

He's a great looking model that doesn't quite look like he's engaging in the true spirit of Christmas but might indeed allow you to play out a specific scenario or two on the tabletop.

Mule Armoured Carrier

Following on from that we have another release which is useful for a number of different factions.

Mule Box

You can see some of the variants for the Mule here below giving you an idea as to how it looks on the tabletop.

Mule #1

Here we have the regular look for the Mule as well as one for the Brotherhood, Capitol and also the Dark Legion.

Mule #2

The Brotherhood version of the Mule is actually my favourite as I think it looks utterly weird and awesome at the same time!

Mule (Alt)

Who wouldn't want to add a bunch of creepy legs to the bottom of their vehicle. As mentioned above this is a well known and well used part of most Megacorportion's forces allowing you to get your troops into battle quickly.


We're finishing things off with a look at Indigo for the Capitol forces who is a deadly sniper.

Indigo (Colour)

She is a covert operative who was able to hold her own against the enemy with only a training rifle. While badly injured in the experience her talents were realised and now she's part of a crack team sent out to assassinate important targets.

Indigo Model #1

Indigo Model #2

Importantly for you folks out there, she's one of their Unicast models so it's a single piece cast, ready to go once you've got her down onto the base. I do like the scenic nature of that too giving you a cool setting for her deadly activities.

What do you think of the releases?

"This particular fellow is a big musclebound Razide with a Nazgaroth Rifle if you wanted to use him in game..."

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