Middle-Earth Unboxing: Éowyn & Merry

May 10, 2019 by dignity

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Gerry and Justin unbox one of the many dynamic duos of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle GameÉowyn & Merry.

Middle Earth Unboxing: Éowyn & Merry

Those waiting for Beren and Lúthien may have to wait for another few thousand years. And as for the adventures of the two lost Maia that headed way East past Mordor, we can only dream of what they might look like as 28mm models. But what we can have is the triumphant Éowyn and Merry as they sashay across the Pelennor fields. The duo are dynamic not just in taking down the Witch King of Angmar but also in the ways these models can be assembled!

What character from Tolkien's lore would you love to see on the tabletop?

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