Quick Look: Team Yankee Oil War

February 6, 2019 by johnlyons

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Oil War takes Team Yankee out of Eastern Europe and plunges it into the melting pot of the Middle East. The book allows you to field the Israeli, Iraqi and Iranian forces along with NATO allied formations!

This new supplement is steeped in some fantastic historical background, which is blended very nicely into the "what if" backstory of World War Three. It is fascinating to see Iraq in particular and how it might have acted had world war broken out. It is easily one of the most interesting factions in the book as far as background goes.

However, on the table, the Israeli forces have access to the brand new Merkava 1 and 2 Main Battle Tanks as well as a plethora of allied units from NATO and captured Soviet bloc equipment.

This book feels like a real breath of fresh air and provides fans of Team Yankee a whole other world of options and tactics to explore and play with on their table tops!

Are there any other theatres of war that you think might have cropped up in WWIII?

"This book feels like a real breath of fresh air."

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