Unboxing: Ticket To Ride – London

July 25, 2019 by ludicryan

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Justin and Ryan join forces and bypass their way through the bustling metropolis of London to bring Days of Wonder's newest Ticket To Ride experience, London baby!

Unboxing: Ticket To Ride - London

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Ticket To Ride is an excellent mid-range board game to introduce (young and old) players to more advanced gaming than their standard household collection. It's a fantastic tool to teach draft building and resource management with a fun little twist of travel thrown in.

It's especially fun if you're preparing a bigger game later and with a small competition of victory points towards the end it's not reliant on winning, it's more fun as an experience and group game for team building.

Unless you're Justin...everyone must be eliminated.

What's your favourite spot to visit in London?

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