Unboxing: Warmachine – Khador Kommandant Sorscha

August 8, 2018 by dignity

John gets his hype on when unboxing one particular new Khador unit for Warmachine by Privateer Press.

Unboxing: Warmachine - Khador Kommandant Sorscha

Kommandant Sorscha returns in new Man-O-War armour to lead your Khador army into battle. John and Justin talk about the meaty stats and the almost soap opera lore surrounding Sorscha and then move on to unbox a complimentary Khador unit for Sorscha: the Man-O-War Strike Tanker.

Defying the laws of resin casting and how many shields it's feasible for one unit to carry on to a battlefield, the Strike Tanker also wades into battle with an armour piercing cannon.

Would you watch a Warmachine TV series done in the style of a Shonda Rimes show?

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