Exclusive: Wayland Games Take Over As Owners Of Wild West Exodus

October 21, 2016 by brennon

Outlaw Miniatures are going to be leaving the world of Wild West Exodus behind as it changes hands and becomes the property of Wayland Games Ltd.

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To give you the lowdown on information Romeo has put together this letter to fans of the game.

Dear fans of Wild West Exodus,

Over the past four years I have gotten the opportunity to entertain every one of you with our great game. From the early years of Wild West Exodus, I had a vision to create a game that made people happy. I wanted Wild West Exodus to be something different and something cool to the gaming world. After our first successful Kickstarter I knew we had discovered something that would bring years of enjoyment to the masses. You the fans made that all possible by not just supporting us with our first Kickstarter but continuing to support us months and years after.

The dedication you as players and collectors showed us is what helped us get so successful. We carried that energy and success into our second Kickstarter campaign that also reached numbers we never expected. Your support for us and this awesome game is what has driven us to produce our miniatures. It has helped us to create exciting story lines and characters that anyone can get invested in. Your support has pushed us to get better at model design and the overall look of the world. For this support we thank each and every one of you out there.

As many of you have noticed over the past few months our team has gone a bit silent. This silence in no way signaled an end of Wild West Exodus or the respected brand it has become. Actually, the exact opposite has been taking place in the deep underbelly of the Dr. Carpathian labs. Over the past 12 months I, as the creator of the game have realized I needed more help. I realized that it takes a team to build and progress a game like ours. A team much larger then what I personally was able to put together at Outlaw Miniature. I and the rest of our staff felt that if we wanted the game to be incredible that something would need to change.

This change required a major decision to be made. Look at hiring several more people to progress the game, or sell the company. After many months of discussing the options and looking at what would be best for our fans, we decided to sell. The reason for the sale was simply to guarantee the game would continue to grow and actually get better. A larger team run by a dedicated staff would mean a second rule book, more factions, even better models, and so on. All the signs pointed to pulling the trigger and finding a buyer who has the knowledge and business sense to take over.

I needed to make sure that the buyers had the same vision and would dedicate themselves to carrying the torch forward. After several offers and many conversations the best possible buyer was found. The team at Wayland Games Ltd agreed to purchase Wild West Exodus and all of its assets. The purchase required both parties to discuss how the future of WWX would progress. The vision had to be there and the drive to achieve it needed to show. Wayland not only showed the interest but assembled a team of dedicated staffers who will push the game forward.

Effective today October 21st, 2016 Wayland Games Ltd are the new owners of the Wild West Exodus brand. I will still be involved with potential future story and character creation as needed by their team. I will always be available to talk to our fans and discuss the universe of WWX whenever needed. My love for the game and its characters has not lessened in any way.

I personally feel that this change will bring success and growth to an already popular game. Wayland Games and their Wild West Exodus team have many exciting details to share with everyone over the next several weeks. Stay tuned to more news and highlights of what is planned and when it will take shape.

I personally thank you all again and wish Wayland Games all the luck in the world.

"In Jesse We Trust"

Romeo Filip, Outlaw

So there you have it. Wild West Exodus is moving owners and it will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. We'll be following this to see how the game grows and in what direction things go.

As big fans of Wild West Exodus we're eager to hear your thoughts on the matter too in the comments below.

Let us know!

"I personally thank you all again and wish Wayland Games all the luck in the world..."

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