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Antares Rising: Target Priority & Threat Assessment Tactics


One of the most important things to consider in Beyond The Gates Of Antares is threat assessment and target priority.

Antares Rising XLBS: Reaction Tactics


Another good skill to have in Beyond The Gates Of Antares is to know when and how to react to the enemy.

Antares Rising: Tactical Options With Drones


Today we're joined by Rich from Warlord Games to show us how to use Drones from certain factions within Beyond The Gates of Antares.

Antares Rising XLBS: Countering Drone Activity With An EMP!


With the mass range of capabilities available for various Beyond The Gates Of Antares Drones around the battlefield, they can be tricky to deal with however that's what we're going to discuss in this Backstage show.

Antares Rising: MOD2 Unit Tactics


Today Chez from Warlord Games has joined me in the studio to show us how to use MOD2 Units like the C3M4!

Antares Rising XLBS: Boring A New Hole Into The Enemy


This episode will feature the destructive power of Justin's dice rolls as we discuss just how to counterattack the MOD2.

Antares Rising: Demo Game – Learning The Basic Mechanics


Welcome to Antares Rising where we're going to be taking you deep into the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares by Warlord Games.

Antares Rising XLBS: Meet The Factions Of Gates Of Antares


We're diving back into the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares as we learn about the different factions within the world by Warlord Games.

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