Exclusive! New Ras Al’Ghul & Nissa Al’Ghul From Knight Models

December 4, 2014 by brennon

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Knight Models have dropped another exclusive on us this week as we take a look at two brilliant alternatives for the Al'Ghul family featuring both Ras and Nissa for the Batman Miniatures Game...

Ras & Nissa Al'Ghul (Alt)

In the picture above you can see both Nissa Al'Ghul and Ras Al'Ghul in costumes more befitting their comic book interpretation and in this case from the Arkham series of video games alongside some of the League of Shadows and Talia too.

Close Up

In the close-up above you can see them in a bit more detail. Ras comes with his rather impressive looking armour and a wicked scimitar to boot. If you can get those tattoos looking just right on his arms then you're one hell of a painter! Nissa is cloaked and hooded and looks like she's right in the middle of putting the finishing shot into whatever poor fool just got in her way.

Of course the miniatures aren't without their foibles and once again I'm struck by the 'foot-on-rock' syndrome once again. I know it makes your miniatures look like they're in epic and heroic poses but it does sometimes appear unneeded. This doesn't detract from the overall quality of the sculpts from Knight Models however and I welcome a scenic base to ground a miniature in a particular setting.

Talia Al'Ghul

Talia Al'Ghul is also featured in the image above and you can already buy her from the Knight Models webstore. She isn't as dynamic as her fellow family members but still a neat sculpt. I do like that sword!

Do you think you'll be joining them as part of the League of Shadows?

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