Rewriting Time For A Thief’s Fortune

August 7, 2018 by ludicryan

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Fire up the Deloreon - wait, wrong era. Collect those sands of time - hang on, wrong medium. Get ready to gaze into your duplicitous future in A Thief's Fortune from Artipia Games.

Rewriting Time for A Thief's Fortune

Coming back after an achingly close campaign in June, the team at Artipia have redesigned component aspects of A Thief's Fortune to make it more economically viable for gamers when it returns to Kickstarter on August 14th. A Thief's Fortune is a card drafting and engine building game for one to four players.

Each player manages their cards in front of them into a past present and future. Cards are drafted from a collective future pool in the centre giving them resources to use in manifesting a most promising timeline for the thief at the centre.

The game is jam-packed full of interesting ideas both narratively and mechanically! The story follows a thief as they discover a mystical hourglass which allows them to see into the future (think Prince of Persia meets Aladin).

Each player isn't playing an individual thief, but a different possible timeline of the same thief. The winner is determined by who can create the most promising timeline for our dear, hunted thief.

Rewriting Time for A Thief's Fortune

The mechanic of using the past, present and future to draft and use cards is a fascinating way to structure the way the game is played. Cave In is another title which showcases the ability to use a characters past and present card usage to the advantage of another.

A Thief's Fortune is placed within a really interesting development in board games where time is not just a narrative consideration but a mechanical one as well.

If you could choose any future for your thief, what would it be?

"The game is jam packed full of interesting ideas both narratively and mechanically!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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