Get Abducted By The Greys Of Archon’s Chronicle X

November 23, 2017 by brennon

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The folks at Archon have told us more about Chronicle X and the basics of how it will all look on the tabletop. That also meant showing off some of the invading Greys which are striving to take over Earth.

Chronicle X Grays #1

The game will be played out across four different tiles set out in a 2x2 formation on the tabletop. Each tile is unique and you will use the grid to move around and take cover behind terrain and inside buildings, all on a 2D plane save the characters themselves.

No doubt when it comes to the Kickstarter for this project we might see them developing some terrain to add to the board alongside the aliens and heroes. Talking of aliens, here's a closer look at the Greys.

Chronicle X Grays #2

The Greys, whilst not very dangerous in of themselves, are dangerous when combined into a fighting force by their Ulari mentors and commanders. The models are looking fantastic I have to say and I love their array of proper battlefield poses, getting stuck into the fighting on the tabletop.

Meet The Colonel

As well as these deadly aliens to contend with you'll also have to master the heroes from the game. Here we have the dangerous Colonel Atticus Blackwood who is able to control his subordinates minds. Sounds like a wonderful bloke...

Colonel Atticus Blackwood

As a freelance mercenary, it was better to have him on the side of Chronicle X than against them, fighting for a different faction. Therefore they use his skills and his mind control device to trick and confuse the Greys that you meet in the field into doing his bidding and turning against their masters.

He seems like the kind of person you'd be very tempted to shoot in the back...

What do you make of some more of these new previews for the game?

"Here we have the dangerous Colonel Atticus Blackwood who is able to control his subordinates minds..."

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