Addax Games Go From Gloomhaven To Rove, Their New Adventure

June 22, 2022 by brennon

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The team from Addax Games cut their teeth on a pretty impressive project, Crimson Scales, the unofficial expansion to Gloomhaven (endorsed by Isaac Childres!). They are now turning their attention to a brand new game that will be on Kickstarter soon, Rove.

Raksa - Addax Games

Raksa // Addax Games

Addax Games has been working on Rove for a while and whilst there isn't a lot of detail about the game just yet, it has been doing the rounds at shows like Origins. The game will be a one-to-four-player affair in a big box, similar to the way Gloomhaven has been presented. Set in its own Fantasy universe, the team has also brought on board Gloomhaven artist Alexandr Elichev to bring the various characters to life.

Keb - Addax Games

Keb // Addax Games

Players will dive into an unfolding narrative campaign and play through encounters in the wilderness using strategic and tactical turn-based gameplay. It's currently ticking a lot of boxes when it comes to being a neat project inspired by the approach Gloomhaven took to the dungeon-delving formula.

Starling - Addax Games

Starling // Addax Games

The game is certainly embracing a unique and interesting art style which is always neat to see when it comes to a game. Sometimes you want to step away from the classic Dwarf, Elf, Orc combinations that we in other games.

As mentioned, the game has been seeing a few outings at conventions recently. I am currently onboard! If it feels like Gloomhaven but with enough to make it unique, I can't see myself not liking the gameplay mechanics.

Rove Gameplay - Addax Games

Rove Gameplay // Addax Games

There isn't much more on Rove currently but it will be fascinating to see what comes up next. We've yet to even see a BoardGameGeek page for this game! At least (from what we see here) a lot of the design work has been done!

Are you going to be keeping an eye on Rove's development?

"If it feels like Gloomhaven but with enough to make it unique, I can't see myself not liking the gameplay mechanics..."

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