Ares Games Remasters Two Grand-Strategy ‘Quartermaster’ Titles

April 25, 2022 by fcostin

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If you are a fan of the Quartermaster General series. Ares Games are remastering the 2016 title Quartermaster General: 1914 for a brand new edition, alongside an updated expansion for Quartermaster General WW2.

Bringing players into the Great War in 1914 for a whole new scope of card-driven strategy. The new edition from Ares Games has relaunched with a fresh new look. Brining a new and improved board, fresh new artwork and general component upgrades.

Quartermater General 1914 - Ares Games

Quartermaster General 1914 // Ares Games

Players will oversee a fast-paced grand strategy of WWI which as players decide on which cards to play to counter their opponents. In Quartermaster General: 1914, players will be emulating the military and politics of the time, willing to outlast their opponents in 17 rounds or totally dominate the battlefields of Europe.

Providing a realistic overview of 1914, players are placed centrefold of the Great War. They will have to gauge balance and progression in technology, social, and politics of the era to gauge a full scope of strategy within the time period.

Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude - Ares Games

Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude // Ares Games

The second product to get a cheeky remaster by Ares is Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude. This title is an mini-game which will be added before you venture off into WW2.Adding in the use of 'Prelude Cards' which could influence different outcomes prior to the game even starting! Increasing the game possibilities and options. Plus, adding new cards and clarifications with the revised look.

You will be able to find both of these titles online and at your FLGS store, as they have both been released! So if you are a fan of Euro-style grand-strategy games - you may want to check out the new releases for Grandmaster General.

Have you played any games from the Quartermaster General series?

"You will be able to find both of these titles online and at your FLGS store."

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