Aristeia! Alternative Skin For HExx3r Previewed By Corvus Belli

June 12, 2018 by brennon

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Corvus Belli has shown off another of the alternative skins for their characters in Aristeia! This time around it is HExx3r who is getting a new skin, the Nomad Witch.

Hexx3r Nomad Witch Skin (Art) - Aristeia!

These alternative skins don't affect them in gameplay but just give you an alternative look for the character and something new to paint as you're expanding up your collection.

The new skin design is very much focusing back towards a Fantasy look which is nice, a nice alternative to the Sci-Fi designs we're used to seeing.

Hexx3r Nomad Witch Skin (Render) - Aristeia!

From what we've seen of the sculpt it is nicely dynamic and shows off the flowing robe as she gets stuck into the action. With Aristeia! being such a dynamic game it makes sense for the models to carry over that design philosophy.

What do you make of her alternate skin?

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