Aristeia! Prepares For Double Trouble In The Hexadome

January 10, 2020 by brennon

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Aristeia! will see the coming of a new set towards the end of February too from Corvus Belli. This time around it is Double Trouble as Moonchild and Lei Gong drop into the mix, ready to take on all-comers in the Hexadome.

Double Trouble - Aristeia

As you might imagine, the set comes with the two miniatures plus all of the extra gubbins that you need to use them on the tabletop. Leading the way we have Moonchild, an Ariadnan Dogface who can transmute and twist her form when she receives damage. To use MOBA language, she is what they call a "late game" character, able to twist your fortune when desperately needed.

Double Trouble Painted - Aristeia

Also, we have Lei Gong who, in Chinese Mythology, was the Lord Of Thunder. This kind of theme has been driven into everything about this particular character and, as you can imagine, they will make for a terrifying opponent to fight on the tabletop. Watch out for the rumble!

Are you tempted to pick up these new characters next month?

"Are you tempted to pick up these new characters next month?"

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