Battle The Darkness In The New Viceroy Expansion Live On Kickstarter!

September 27, 2018 by cassn

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In the fantasy world of Laar, ambitious souls raise their military and magic to create a pyramid of power which can destroy their rivals.  However, recently, sinister notions have been moving in the shadows.  Can you battle against the darkness and claim control over Larr?


Viceroy: Times of Darkness brings an exciting, large-scale expansion to the base game of Viceroy. Based on the fantasy universe of CCG Berserk, players must seize control of Larr by whatever means necessary.  In this expansion, three new modules have been added to shake up gameplay.


The Aristocrat module contains twelve new character cards.  Unlike characters in the base game, these characters do not receive a reward on their first level, however, each comes with a special bonus.  Four new laws have also been added, designed to work with these new aristocrats.


In the Invasion expansion module, enemies abound.  The pack includes three tiers of enemy cards, four battle cards (one for each player), and four thematic laws:

The Enemy cards from the Invasion forces that attack the players’ domains on 3rd, 7th, and 11th turns. Each force has four stacked Enemy cards that form four lines of costs and rewards, similar to the left side of the character cards. To fight off the attack, a player have to pay gems indicated in these lines, at least in the bottom line, but the more they pay the more the reward. 


However, perhaps the most exciting addition within this expansion is the Underworld module, which allows players to build their pyramid downwards, thereby changing gameplay significantly:

A player may draw an Outlaw card instead of gaining two gems. These cards are played in Phase 2, and should be placed under the first row of the pyramid...The unique rewards include relocating a Character card in the pyramid, gaining diamonds (wild gems) or dealing with Judgement tokens.

This is a rather large scale addition, and you can tell that Mayday Games have put a lot of thought into the mechanic of this expansion.


There's tons of new content, characters, and fantastic artwork but, more than that, there are real, interesting changes to the gameplay.  Perhaps it's this type of quality expansion design which led to this game being funded in less than an hour.

There's still 18 days left on this Kickstarter, and plenty of pledge options to choose from, even one which includes the base game, for those who don't already have it.  There's also a ton of stretch goal bonuses being unlocked, so get your pledge in today!

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"Based on the fantasy universe of CCG Berserk, players must seize control of Larr by whatever means necessary."

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