Snap The Best Wildlife Photo In Yosemite National Park

June 30, 2022 by fcostin

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There have been so many board games recently, placing travel and adventure as central themes. Wizkids is showing off the next upcoming board game title, which places players behind the camera to snap some pictures of the Yosemite landscape.

Think you have what it takes to take some incredible pictures of wildlife? WizKids is handing out the "Photographer of the Year" award, placing players in a 2-player contest of tile-laying and set collection in Yosemite.

Yosemite Box Art - WizKids

Yosemite Box Art // WizKids

Travelling across mountain paths, grassland, and natural beauty, players will be hoping to take some shots of a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat across the stunning Yosemite National Park. Shots as in the camera variety... it is not one of those games! No violence and poaching included.

Players will be placing their meeple on the board in front of them, approaching and understanding the animal's effects - hoping they will not get spooked.  They have the option to go camping, or get in some fishing to enjoy the environment and ensure that they have raked in the perfect picture.

Board And Component Preview - Yosemite

Board And Component Preview // Yosemite

"Each turn, you’ll move your photographer one space in any direction, or more, according to that animal on your tile! These movements are all thematic to the specific animal, and dangerous animals can move your opponent as well! For example the Red Fox’s agility lets you move one, two, or three spaces, changing direction on the way, while the Cougar moves one direction, right to the edge of the board, knocking your opponent if they’re in the way. You’ll also collect that animal tile after using their movement, which you can use for photo cards and bonuses!" - Yosemite WizKids

Anticipating the opponent's move, players will be scoping out the best spots to settle and taking the opportunity to outwit and outmanoeuvre for the best options of pictures on the board. Whoever has racked in the most points which will blow the judges out of the water, will be awarded the winner of the game and get the fancy title of "Photographer of the Year".


Goal Card Preview // Yosemite

I really love the idea of Yosemite, two-player games really do fill the room with tension and tend to be quicker to run through. The game plays out in roughly 20 minutes. I can imagine both players will have their eyes glued to the board as if they were hunting down for pictures to snap! Before their opponent gets there first.

Yosemite was supposed to be released in June this year but has been delayed and up for pre-order on the WizKids website. The title has been nailed down for August, so we can be snapping up the likes of Red Foxes and Cougars out in the wild but in the comforts of our own homes.

What is your favourite nature photography title?

"Players will be scoping out the best spots to settle and taking the opportunity to outwit and outmanoeuvre for the best options of pictures on the board..."

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