Blacklist Games Bringing Horror Miniatures To Kickstarter

October 26, 2020 by brennon

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Blacklist Games are coming to Kickstarter tomorrow with their new Horror Series of miniatures plus a game too. We'll focus in on the miniatures first of all though with Horror Series 1 allowing you to add all sorts of ghoulish characters into the mix.

Horror Series 1 - Blacklist Games

Horror Series 1 & Dire Alliance // Blacklist Games

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The focus of the miniatures set is that it will provide you with a range of PVC plastic miniatures in 28mm scale that you could use in all of your horror-based adventures. All of the miniatures from the collection come pre-assembled and all you need to do is make sure that you paint them up all nice!


Experimenter // Blacklist Games

There is a nice selection of characters in the box that would make for fun player characters, NPCs and of course villains that you need to battle at the end of your dungeon delve. This means grave diggers, wolfmen, mad scientists, vampire hunters and poor innocent villagers who are being hounded by beasts!


Vanessa // Blacklist Games

This is just a little preview of what has been included as part of the Horror Series 1 set. They have already had plenty of success with their Fantasy-based Kickstarter and six other projects in the past so it's well worth exploring what they're doing here.

Horror Series 1 Miniatures - Blacklist Games

Horror Series 1 Miniatures // Blacklist Games

I really like the range of different characters they've put together here and I think they'd be absolutely perfect for use in games of Dungeons & Dragons. You could see a lot of these hunters and monsters being a fun addition to campaigns set in Barovia as you go about hunting down fiends in Curse Of Strahd. You can also use these miniatures in a full game from Blacklist Games as you'll see here...

Dire Alliance

Dire Alliance is a new game for one-to-four players which will be dropping as part of this new campaign and requires none of the miniatures you see above in order to play it. But, if you want to level things up then you can combine the two by replacing the tokens!

Dire Alliance Board Game - Blacklist Games

Dire Alliance: Horror Board Game // Blacklist Games

Dire Alliance is a quick and tactical deckbuilding game which comes from a great pedigree of designers in the form of Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson (Undaunted: Normandy, War Chest) as well as Adam and Brady Sadler (Street Masters, Heroes of Terrinoth). You can either play the game in Battle Mode with two players competitively or cooperatively with a full four in Raid Mode.

​Battle Mode has you choosing a particular faction and then battling it out against another player to see who can come out on top. In Raid Mode, you'll be working to take down an AI-controlled opponent and their minions before they can complete their assigned goals.

As mentioned above, the game is focused on quick and easy deck-driven gameplay with plenty of ability to mix and match your strategies to tackle various problems. This edition of Dire Alliance has been subtitled Horror so it will be branching out across the genres in the future which seems fun!

Make sure to check out their page about the game HERE for more information and watch out for our interview with Blacklist Games this week.

Are you tempted by this new range of miniatures?

"There is a nice selection of characters in the box that would make for fun player characters, NPCs and of course villains..."

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