Ca$h ‘N Guns Gets Harry Potter Re-Theme In Stupefy!

September 7, 2022 by fcostin

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Have you ever played Ca$h 'N Guns? Winning many awards, including the best party game at UKGE in 2015, Repos Production created a game that brings many tense interactions to the table. Holding up guns to opponents across the table, players are challenged to survive eight different rounds raking in the most dough as Italian-American Gangsters in search of their next shady kill.

Unboxing Stupefy! // Repos Productions

Repos Production is growing the range by twisting the theme into something more child-friendly and themed to the Wizarding World. They are bringing Stupefy!, a fresh re-theme with wands at the ready to the tabletop.

Taking the responsibility of representing one of the four infamous Houses in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, four to eight players will have their wands ready to swag in some house points. With two options of play, you can engage in a four-player title with enough wands per person, or team up with five-plus players for a magical battle.

Inside The Box - Harry Potter Stupefy

Inside The Box // Harry Potter - Stupefy!

The aim of the game is to simply stack up the house points over the course of eight rounds. Throughout each round, players will gain access to particular spells with effects attached. Picking from a variety of spell cards choosing either to stun or to misspell. If attacking with a Stupefy, the receiving end will miss out on points. But a misspell will allow any player to choose from a loot pool to place in their house point system.

Display Cards Preview - Harry Potter Stupefy

Cards Preview // Harry Potter - Stupefy!

Fortunately enough, there is a way to wiggle out of a stupefy if there is a protego card in your hand. As the players act simultaneously, sparks will be flying across a thirty-minute game to bluff and rake in the glory for the affiliated house. Maybe you can become the professor's favourite student for remaining unharmed!

The game is now currently on pre-order across many online retail stores with no defined release date nailed down. If you enjoyed a game of Ca$h 'N Guns and wanted to point a less intimidating weapon to your younger family member; be sure to check out Stupefy!

Would you be tempted to pick up Stupefy!?

"Take on the responsibility of representing one of the four infamous Houses in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..."

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