Catacombs 3rd Edition Now On Kickstarter

November 13, 2018 by cassn

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Catacombs has returned with a new Kickstarter campaign. Catacombs 3rd Edition will bring double-sided playmats to the dexterity dungeon crawler! These new playmats will provide a smooth and consistent flicking experience:

The surface of the playmats are a very fine cloth weave, which is smooth to the touch. This allows the wood discs to glide across with impressive precision, making every shot satisfyingly consistent.


However, the playmats are not the only improvement to the gaming experience, and 3rd edition backers can benefit from a bigger, better box compatible with Kallax shelving, an improved wall design with custom plastic cross stands for the barrier walls, improved gameplay with the addition of obstacle discs, and a brand new tutorial manual.


There are plenty of pledge options to choose from, and backers can also choose to add on the Wylands expansion which includes 2 Wyverns characters, 4 Catacomb heroes, 4 alternate hero rule cards, 1 Djinn monster, 6 obstacle pieces, the new wall system, and the Wylands playmat!


There is already significant interest in this 3rd edition release, and the Kickstarter has almost doubled from its original goal. So if you want to get your nimble fingers on the latest edition of Catacombs, head over to the Kickstarter campaign now!

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"The surface of the playmats are a very fine cloth weave, which is smooth to the touch. "

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