Claim Control Of Forgotten Castles In Crimson Company

February 17, 2019 by cassn

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Crimson Company is a 2 player intense, skill-based dueling game in which you assemble a ragtag army of warriors, merchants and mythical creatures to try and gain control of the castles of a forgotten kingdom.


All cards are played face up on the table, and players recruit their armies from a communal pool in the centre of the game. There are over 30 different characters to recruit, each with their own unique ability and artwork. Characters are purchased through bidding, and a player may choose to match their opponents bidding amount to take the card from them!


Players can place up to two sellswords into a castle lane at any time, however scoring only occurs when one player has four or more sellswords in a lane. The strength of the cards is counted, and the player with the most strength takes the castle!


However, special abilities may bolster your score or reduce your opponent's ability, so it takes strategic planning to deduce which cards will best defeat your opponent. The first player to own two of the three castles will win the game!

Crimson Company was funded on Kickstarter within two hours and is currently unlocking a series of interesting stretch goals, so head over to their campaign page for further information.

What do you think of the castle miniatures in this game?

"The most strength takes the castle!"

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