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January 29, 2020 by brennon

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CMON Games has been talking more about their new Marvel: United board game which is coming to Kickstarter soon. Their recent articles have looked at the basics of gameplay in this two-to-four player cooperative game which is set to arrive on Kickstarter soon.

Marvel United Cover - CMON

The game will see you take on the role of one of the mighty heroes from the Avengers and wider Marvel universe who are going up against some nefarious villains like Red Skull, Ultron or Taskmaster. Each hero comes with their own deck of cards which are tuned to their playstyle. For example, Captain America is a heroic leader who can help you plan ahead whilst Black Widow is able to bring her spy skills into play, taking a peek at what the villain might do next.

The villain also comes with their own unique set of skills and ways to mess with the players. Ultron is able to seed his clones onto the game tiles causing havoc whilst Taskmaster learns the moves of your heroes and uses them against you. A set of unique tiles which are laid out before you start the game also affect things. Perhaps you'll fight around Avengers Tower or atop the SHIELD Helicarrier.

During a hero turn they will choose a card from their deck and play it to unleash its ability. That might be thwacking a villain or minion, rescuing some civilians or helping to plan ahead and peek at what the villain might do next.

Marvel United Cards - CMON

The key to your strategy, however, comes from the fact that when a hero takes their turn they can also benefit from the last icon on the past heroes card. So, you can really, really help your friends by boosting them. I really like this as it gives you a sense of cooperative play which is baked into the actions you take during a turn. It also echoes the kind of moves you see characters do in the comic books and movies like when Iron Man and Captain America team up to blast everyone with energy!

The villain will be able to benefit from all manner of interesting cronies and minions who serve by their side so I'm sure we're going to be seeing lots of interesting models as part of this campaign. I think I'd be happy to just get a core set for this game with counters and such for most of the options whilst the main heroes and villains get their chibi'd up!

What do you think of the mechanics they've teased?

"What do you think of the mechanics they've teased?"

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