Compete To Manage A Successful Theme Park In Tenpenny Parks

November 8, 2021 by fcostin

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Did you ever play Theme Park World? Roller Coaster Tycoon? Well, players can get in on some of that merry-go-round adrenaline, as Tenpenny Parks by Thunderworks Games is opening for business. Placing players in the management seat of building and expanding a successful theme park.

Tenpenny Parks - Image Two

Tenpenny Parks // Thunderworks Games

I have quite often seen a lot of Zoo management board games rise up recently, but it is indeed nice to see the classic theme park management style of the game come into the limelight. Players' goal is to earn enough 'Visiting Points' over the course of five rounds to win. Now, how might they do that? By running a successful (and more popular) theme park. By adding attractions, expanding, implementing workers and building theme into an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

TP - Image Three

Game Artwork // Tenpenny Parks

Whatever player is rewarded the most VPs by the end of the round will be the winner, as players are compared through enjoyment. Over their visitor's Thrill, Awe, and Joy when stepping through the front gates.

Although you can compete against others, the game has actually got a solo mode available too, as players can perfect their own theme park - or if you are like me: work out all the tactics in solo mode before immersing myself in competitive! However, I imagine Tenpenny Parks to be a relaxing experience solo, like games I enjoyed growing up such as Theme Park World, but on a different platform.

The game is headed to retail in March 2022, so if you fancy sitting in the seat of a theme park manager, and think you can do a better job than your friends. Hop on board, as the gates to Tenpenny Parks are nearly open.

Would you be interested in managing Tenpenny Parks? 

"Players' goal is to earn enough 'Visiting Points' over the course of five rounds to win..."

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