New Conan: The Legend Board Game In The Works!

June 7, 2014 by brennon

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Conan: The Legend is purported to be launching in Kickstarter soon and will be another fully supported game set within the world of Robert E. Howard and Hyboria. See what you think of both the artwork and some miniatures that have already arrived as previews for the game...




Here is a bit of a low down on what the game is going to entail...

"Conan: The Legend is a scenario-based semi-cooperative miniatures asymmetric boardgame. One player is the Opponent, playing the Opposition forces, and the other players (1 to 4) play Conan and his companions (Shevatas the thief, Hadrathus the Priest/Sorcerer, Belit the pirate queen, Valeria the warrior, etc.). The game is based purely on Robert E. Howard’s novels (and not the movies or other non Howardian material), and is very faithful. The publisher hired Patrice Louinet, a Howard expert, to make sure the art and the scenarios are compatible with Howard’s vision."

...and you can find more by checking out the Board Game Geek link above at the top of the page. This all sounds rather cool indeed and I can't wait to check out how this goes via the Kickstarter format. Having Adrian Smith, once again, is a massive boon for the project!

Do you need more Conan in your life?

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