Construct Your City In Catacombs Cubes

October 11, 2018 by cassn

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Help the city of Stormtryne thrive in this new dexterity game from Elzra! In Catacombs Cubes, players must use their blueprints to build structures for the growing town of Stormtryne.


Using drafted tetromino shapes, players must race against their opponents to create their buildings in the fastest possible time. The player with the most structures completed at the end of the game wins!


Catacombs Cubes is the latest installment in the successful Catacombs dexterity game series from Elzra. There has been no definitive date yet for the Kickstarter campaign, but designer Aron West has suggested November may be a possibility for launch. Until then, you can keep an eye out for updates on their website.

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