Enlist Contractors To Help Erect Devir’s Red Cathedral

June 8, 2022 by fcostin

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Devir has been working on their next expansion for The Red Cathedral. Bringing a new twist and direction to the euro-style board game.

contractors cover

The Red Cathedral: Contractors Expansion // Devir

If you haven't heard of The Red Cathedral before, players are heading out to Moscow to strategically build and construct St. Basil's cathedral. Proving their skills in design across sections of the cathedral, players will be erecting areas of the landmark to compete in being one of Tsar Ivan's trusted worker bees. However, only one can join the ranks.

contractors bitz

Red Cathedral Components // Devir Games

The new expansion from Devir Games is making way after two years of the core game being in print. Ready for a release and reinvigoration of the game in August.  Calling on new tradies for the design of the cathedral, the expansion brings more plans, more ideas and extends the world further.

Titled, The Red Cathedral: Contractors Expansion. Can you guess what it might be yet? Adding some new job roles as the construction of the cathedral could do with further and more creative eyes, bringing specialists into the mix.

Contractors Preview - Red Cathedral

Contractors Preview // Red Cathedral

Alongside the new roles to carefully craft for Ivan the Terrible, the board has grown too with new features. Bringing a new layout that provides access to further cities surrounding Russia. Providing 10 new guilds and a progression into solo play.

Devir is set to release the title this summer in August 2022. So if you are ready to dig out your copy of The Red Cathedral, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the new gameplay mechanics making a way in the Contractor expansion.

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"Adding some new job roles as the construction of the cathedral could do with further and more creative eyes..."

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