Head Down The Corridor Of Doom In Sci-Fi Zombicide Scenario

October 22, 2021 by fcostin

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We have two weeks left of the spooky season, which means two weeks left of ZombiMadness month. Where CMON posts brand new fan-made scenarios coming every week this month for their community, by their community.

CoD - Image One

Scenario Tile Map // Corridor of Doom Scenario

This week, we are headed down the Corridor of Doom by Hannah Sjösted and players will need a copy of Zombicide Dark Side and Zombicide Invader to play. Adding an alien style invasion into a true sci-fi theme.

Cooperatively, 6 survivors will attempt to escape the intergalactic meatball factory. There has been quite the hit to the base, as Xenos have come for the attack, hoping to score themselves into some sweet and juicy meatballs.

No, the Xenos have not come to share, and they have not come to say please. Never get in the way of a hunger-crazed alien being in the need of their next carbo-loaded meal! The menacing Xenos are in lurking the Corridor of Doom - the only way to the exit.

I must add. There is quite the reward if you manage to win. Written in the rules, courtesy of the writer of the scenario, Hannah, players must celebrate their success of the mission by eating a cinnamon bun. Now, this is the encouragement I need to get through hungry, ravaged aliens! Don't get too cocky - the difficult is suggested to be 'hard'. So you would have truly earned that cinnamon bun.

The scenario is said to take roughly about 60 minutes, and players must use and play out a special set of rules, to meet the requirements of the win (and the baked good at the end of course).

You can pick up the scenario here, along with previous week's Zombicide fan-made scenarios as part of ZombiMadness month.

Would you risk it all for some meatballs? 

"Players must celebrate their success of the mission by eating a cinnamon bun..."

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