Dark Crystal Board Game Is Now Available

February 23, 2018 by stvitusdancern

Jim Henson's fantasy movie  The Dark Crystal was an interesting movie in its day. The use of puppets in the movie was much more realistic than the Muppets were ( I can't believe I just made that comparison).

If you remember that move and are a fan of it and missed out on the pre-orders, well now is your time to get yourself a copy. It is available for order from the River Horse. This game has you adventuring as Jen and Kira to find the lost shard to fix the Dark Crystal.

This looks to be a game that the whole family can play. Included in the game box is the following...

  • 4 highly collectable figurine renditions of the main characters:
  • 2 Gelflings – Jen and Kira (with Fizzgig!).
  • 2 Skeksis – skekSil the Chamberlain and skekUng the Garthim-Master
  • Rules booklet – 24 pages.
  • 2′ × 2′ game board – lavishly illustrated with inspiring new artwork featuring all the legendary places from the movie, including Aughra’s Observatory, the Valley of the Stones and the Crystal Castle.
  • 25 World cards, 9 Mystic cards, 7 Skeksis cards and 15 Minion cards.
  • Over 20 game tokens.
  • 6 polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20).
  • 4 character sheets and 4 Special Ability cards.
  • Cardboard stand-ups and bases: 4 Garthim, 1 Slave Podlings, 1 Gourmand Skeksis and 1 Slave-Master Skeksis
  • 1 Orrery turn track (top and bottom, with plastic connector).

So, if you are looking for a fun evening with the family playing a board game based on a movie from your childhood then The Dark Crystal may just be for you.

Do you remember the movie?

"...if you are looking for a fun evening with the family playing a board game..."

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