Decipher Clues In Upcoming Murder Mystery Turbo Sleuths

July 1, 2021 by fcostin

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WizKids has been on my radar recently for upcoming board games. With exciting upcoming announcements over the last few weeks such as Summertime and Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze, the newest announcement Turbo Sleuths brings mystery and edge to the table.

Turbo Sleuth // WizKids

A puzzle speed solving game where players compete against their opponents and the clock simultaneously to solve a fun and engaging murder mystery.

No luck catching those Murderers then? It was just the one actually. Whenever I seem to put myself into a Murder Mystery game, I tend to quote Hot Fuzz at every opportunity I am handed, I am British after all. And Turbo Sleuth will certainly not be immune to the fact.

There has been a murder, and there are plenty of suspects for yourself and your opponents to query. Players fight time in an attempt to decrypt and decipher the brutal case to hunt down the slippery fiend.

Turbo Sleuth // WizKids

Working against not only opponents, but the clock too can always be stressful. But in Turbo Sleuth, one wrong move or decision from a player can enable the slippery murderer to escape the clutches of justice for another round. Especially as the game is designed for 2-8 players to be completed in 20 minutes, that is a lot of pressure if you have a full house of investigators!

The game is laid out in two phases, the analysis phase and the solution phase, as each player will hunt for both the suspect and the murder weapon. Provided clue cards, players will utilise their answer cards to tie some loose ends, and accusing the potential murderer, lacing a particular murder weapon at the scene of the crime, and pick themselves up a Score Token.

Remember, in Turbo Sleuth, players are working simultaneously, meaning a lot is going to happen - and it is going to happen fast. Players who have made their accusations whilst holding a score token are then prepared to crack the case. They will need to use an in-game Solution Key in an attempt to find the correct answer.

Turbo Sleuth // WizKids

If you are already a considerable detective, you can always give Advanced Mode a stab, adding more objectives and more hoops to jump through to find the pesky murderer.

Each decision matters and players will need to use their own strategy and keen eye to make the correct decisions, whilst racing opponents to become the winner, sleuthing their way to the top, taking one murderer out one game at a time.

Turbo Sleuth is now available to be pre-ordered at your FLGS. But, if you wanted to take a closer look at the rules, you can download the full rulebook here, to see if you are up to scratch in solving a mind-bending mystery against your fellow detectives and the clock. Ready for release in August 2021.

What is your favourite murder mystery game? Cluedo is not accepted as an answer! 

"The game is designed for 2-8 players to be completed in 20 minutes, that is a lot of pressure if you have a full house of investigators!"

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