Defend Your Thesis In Dungeonology

March 24, 2019 by cassn

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Welcome to the University of Rocca Civetta, the first of its kind, which aims to study the natural habitat of several cultures in Italy. Unfortunately, some of the professors occasionally run into atypical societies, risking their neck.  This is a university where even the best find it tough!  

Dungeonology is an atypical dungeon crawler where you and your compatriots are researchers attempting to explore new places and inhabitants to incorporate into your thesis and become the expert in your field.


Unlike standard dungeon crawlers, you have not come to this area to spew mayhem and deathly justice, but rather to study, learn and explore the behaviour of the species you encounter.


In Dungeonoloy, there are no magical weapons or fights to the death, because the only true treasure worth obtaining is knowledge (I sound like an after-school special). The researcher who returns with the most diverse amount of knowledge will successfully defend their thesis and obtain the ranks of professorship!


Dungeonoloy is a really nifty, original concept for a dungeon crawler with awesome artwork and rave reviews. However, full disclosure: I am two months away from my own doctoral submission, and there is absolutely, 100% no game I want to play less right now than this one! Right now, my thesis has got me looking like this guy without the smile:


My personal academic breakdown aside, Dungeonoloy is genuinely an incredibly cool game, with some epic minis and attractive components included.


The Kickstarter won't go live until April 9th (by which point I'm hoping I will be less jaded), but you can check out the draft page for all the latest information here.

What do you think of the artwork in Dungeonology?

"Because the only true treasure worth obtaining is knowledge!"

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