Rewrite Destiny On The American Frontier In 3000 Scoundrels

July 25, 2022 by fcostin

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Unexpected Games are headed over to the Wild West this Autumn with a new engine-building title. 3000 Scoundrels that will place players in the head of recruitment, building up a posse of skilled characters, tweaking with tech and ultimately rewriting history on the American Frontier.

3000 Scoundrels Trailer // Unexpected Games

Taking the roles of savage posse leaders that stretch across the Wild West, 2-4 players will be taking to a new timeline to hunt down technology that can place them and their band of bruisers ahead in power. This technology has been dropped by a secretive man named 'The Traveler, allowing players to make ripples in the development of their posses.

Encouraging players to live life on the edge, they will need to bluff their way to Victory, misdirecting opposing posses as they draft new members. Therefore, you will be required to be dishonest and lie and cheat your way through - this is the Wild West! However, if you do get caught in the act, there will be a hefty penalty.

Gameplay Preview - 3000 Scoundrels

Gameplay Preview // 3000 Scoundrels

Across each card, characters will build their unique characters. With clear cards allowing customisation - players can create and adapt up to 3000 scoundrels to recruit. With 50 different Scoundrels in play during a game, the diversity of rootin' tootin' teams is extremely broad. Hoping to find the best output for each individual ability and strategy that comes with each character. With replayability is extremely high given the spectrum of choices!

Whatever player has reaped in the most technology by the end of the game will be announced as the winner - thus will determine the outcome of life on the frontier into a new alternative history.

42338407-3000 Scoundrels - Unexpected Games

3000 Scoundrels // Unexpected Games

The game is set to be released this Autumn with Asmodee, being the third title released from Unexpected Games. If you like your games dishonest and tense, in a matter of true skill and cocky wit on the Wild West, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for 3000 Scoundrels.

Will you be heading to the Wild West to build your own group of Scoundrels?

"2-4 players will be taking to a new timeline to hunt down technology that can place them and their band of bruisers ahead in power..."

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