Develop A Dice Dominion In Imperial Settlers: Roll And Write

February 6, 2019 by cassn

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Do you think you have what it takes to create the best empire on the tabletop? Armed with only a pencil and a dice, get ready to roll your realm in Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write!

In Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write, players must try to create their most prosperous empire through engine building mechanics. Construct buildings, gain bonuses, and unlock new actions as your empire develops to create the ultimate settlement!

imperial settlers

A stand-alone game set within the Imperial Settlers universe, Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write offers both multiplayer and single player gaming options. Compete against 2-4 friends to build the greatest empire, or against yourself, carefully balancing strategy and luck to achieve the best score possible!

Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write is the latest in a series of roll and write games appearing this year, and is part of the larger PortalCon11 announcement of future releases by Portal Games earlier this year. There's a lot of buzz around it and, although there's no official release date yet, Portal Games have promised it will be ready by Essen or sooner.

We can't wait!

What is your favourite Roll and Write Game?

"Create the ultimate settlement!"

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