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Eleven: The Football Manager Board Game Now On Gamefound!


The board game title based on the PC classic Football Manager has kicked off on Gamefound from Portal Games, with the title: Eleven: The Football Manager Board Game. 

Portal Games Announces Release Date For Dune: House Secrets


Dune seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment. Whether it be the Dune board game from Gale Force Nine or Dune Adventures the RPG from Modipihus Entertainment. The sci-fi title is sure popular on the tabletop, and it doesn't stop there.  Portal Games have announced the release date for our new adventures into the Dune universe, with Dune: House Secrets. A 1-4 player cooperative, immersive board game experience. Harnessing skills, players must take on the role of rebels on the sand-covered planet in a hunt for resources and food for survival. 

Investigate Cold War Stories In Vienna Connection


If you do consider yourself a mastermind, looking into the newly released board game, Vienna Connection by Portal Games would be a good call for you. 

Portal Games Prepare To Sleuth In Detective: Season One


Building on the success of their Detective series, Portal Games has been showing off Detective: Season One which will be getting a release in 2020. 

Get Chilly With Imperial Settlers: Empires Of The North


Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a stand-alone card game set in the Imperial Settlers universe.

Behind The Board Games: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games


This week, Ryan interviews Ignacy Trzewiczek from Portal Games about how he has sustained such a long career in the industry.

Portal Games Announce New Army Expansion For Neuroshima Hex! 3.0


Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 is the third edition of the hit strategy game set in the Polish RPG world of Neuroshima

Develop A Dice Dominion In Imperial Settlers: Roll And Write


Do you think you have what it takes to create the best empire on the tabletop? Armed with only a pencil and a dice, get ready to roll your realm in Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write!

Conquer The Fashion World In Prêt-à-Porter


Portal Games will be launching the third edition of Prêt-à-Porter later this year on Kickstarter. Prêt-à-Porter, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Stronghold, 51st State), was originally released back in 2010.

Portal Games Solves More Mysteries In LA Crimes Expansion


Portal Games are looking to solve more mysteries in the new LA Crimes Expansion to Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. 

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