Portal Games Announces Release Date For Dune: House Secrets

June 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Dune seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment. Whether it be the Dune board game from Gale Force Nine or Dune Adventures the RPG from Modipihus Entertainment. The sci-fi title is sure popular on the tabletop, and it doesn't stop there.

Portal Games have announced the release date for our new adventures into the Dune universe, with Dune: House Secrets. A 1-4 player cooperative, immersive board game experience. Harnessing skills, players must take on the role of rebels on the sand-covered planet in a hunt for resources and food for survival.

Dune: House Secrets // Portal Games

Tabletop Gamers have been waiting for more information on the upcoming Dune game, and after a long wait, a confirmed release date for Dune: House Secrets has been made available to the public.

The game will premiere on October 15th, and if that date means anything to you keen event go-ers, is that the release date lands and coincides with Essen Spiel.

Portal Games have also announced that they will be running a pre-order campaign to lead up to the release. Starting July 12th with incentives to pre-order the game and secure your copy with the publisher.

Dune: House Secrets // Portal Games

Driven by the story, players must work together to build an alliance as part of a resistance against House Harkonnen. Inspired by the film, players will be set objectives to complete within a short time frame. Players' stories will write themselves, with decision-making outcomes to develop your story into your very own Dune adventure.

"Arrakis, the planet of spice and endless sand at the far end of the Imperium, is filled with intrigue, conflict, and war. On the infamous planet of Dune, you find yourself between two Great Houses. The sinister House Harkonnen schemes for power and profit, while those loyal to House Atreides rally a rebellion among the native inhabitants long-suppressed under Harkonnen rule."

For more information on the game, the official website has now been made live by Portal Games, so you can access more game detail through the official channels.

Are you excited for the next upcoming Dune title? 

"Driven by the story, players must work together to build an alliance as part of a resistance against House Harkonnen..."

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