Gutenberg Goes International With Portal Games & Granna Collab

January 12, 2022 by fcostin

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Portal Games will be bringing a tabletop title of card drafting over to the English-speaking market. Gutenberg was originally published by Granna, and manufactured in Warsaw, Poland. However, due to the successes of the title, Portal Games will be bringing it to FLGS stores across the globe in March 2022.

Gutenberg Board Game Trailer - International Version  // Portal Games

Gutenberg places players as pioneers of printing in Europe in the 15th Century. Pioneers of printing? What might that mean Free? Voted one of the most anticipated games of 2021 at Spiel last year, players will take to the ink and bring production to the forefront. Earning fame and recognition for their skills in printing, players will need to rake in orders in the design of publications in an attempt to boost their wealth in the industry. They must keep an eye on their workshop along with ensuring their patrons are happy with the services provided to rack in some victory points. Organising layout by font, inks and decorations to their presented piece.

Guttenberg - Portal Games

Gutenberg // Portal Games & Granna

Guttenberg is still very much in the laps of Granna, being co-published and still produced in their publishing house to avoid any inconsistencies with printing and bring the heart of the original release to an English-speaking audience.

Portal Games are delighted with their opportunity to work with Granna to bring this much-anticipated title to the table, expanding their range to a wider market and a brighter future of cooperation between two fantastic publishers:

“We will continue to deliver outstanding strategy games to our fans around the world, as well as support our existing product lines”, said Ignacy Trzewiczek, President of Portal Games. “We are happy to be working on this project with the wonderful European board game company, Granna, and are excited about the new opportunities this cooperation brings.”

The title will be released in March this year, for players in North America, Australia and New Zealand to get their hands on, with hopes of the title swimming over the pond to here in the UK.

Are there any other board games you would love to see translated to English? 

"The title will be released in March this year, for players in North America, Australia and New Zealand to get their hands on..."

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