Investigate Gotham City’s Dangers In Batman: Everybody Lies

January 27, 2022 by fcostin

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Portal Games have suited up for a brand new board game collaborating with both DC Comics and Warner Bros. Kicking off the first of a board game series: Batman Everybody Lies as players step into the role of investigators centring around The Dark Knight.

Batman: Everybody Lies Teaser // Portal Games

Heading to different locations in the city to hunt down clues and evidence, 2-4 players will immerse themselves in a cooperative experience of story-telling and crime-solving deduction. Players will have a choice of four characters to explore in the hunt for mysteries, selecting investigative journalist Warren Spacey,  roving reporter Vicki Vale, demanding detective Harvey Bullock, or squeeze into some latex to explore as Catwoman.

Characters will be aligned with strengths in investigative skills, with the hope to gather evidence across iconic locations across Gotham. Whether you are looking to head into Arkham Asylum or seek refuge in the Batcave - you certainly won't come up short in the hunt for clues around Gotham City.

Everybody Lies - Portal Games

Batman: Everybody Lies // Portal Games

But, it would not be a Batman-themed title without the caped crusader himself! As players undergo cases; follow leads and gather information - they will engage with well-known heroes and villains to progress further in the narrative. In hopes to take down the looming threat of evil corrupting the City.  They must solve the puzzle, having access to some incredible assets at the Gotham City Gazette - it's time for these desk-dwelling heroes to gain some of the limelight!

Myself, I am quite keen on the premise! To be able to explore Gotham City as somebody who is a hero or a villain, whilst still undergoing heroic tasks embedded in scenarios aligns the sense of justice! Without playing out the same heroes and villains, giving the everyday heroes a chance to shine and... do their job!

Everybody Lies will is expected to be hitting shelves in Summer this year. So if you are interested in immersing yourself in the DC universe, with your hands off the heroes and immersed in a story-telling noir experience - be sure to check out the upcoming title from Portal Games.

What do you think of the upcoming Batman title? 

"Characters will be aligned with strengths in investigative skills, with the hope to gather evidence across iconic locations across Gotham."

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