Expand The Dixit Universe With Stella This December

November 9, 2021 by fcostin

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Heading on to our tabletops at the start of December, Libellud has now announced the release date for the upcoming board game, belonging within the Dixit universe. Stella: Dixit Universe combines image interpretation and push-your-luck mechanics, as players bring light again to the skies.


Stella: Dixit Universe // Libellud

Coming December 3rd, a new standalone game belonging to the Dixit Universe brings a new competitive interpretation adventure. If you consider your imagination has no ends, and you enjoy engaging in some storytelling - the narrative adventure puts 3-6 players in control of their story - guessing clues, matching cards, voting and seeing their way through the new Dixit experience as they interpret the world around them.

Although the game is heavily story-driven, that does not mean you need to write your whole night off! The game plays in roughly 30 minutes to get through - perfect for waking up your imagination prior to a heavy-weight story-centric RPG or Board Game.

Stella - Image One

Stella: Dixit Universe Contents // Libellud

The game does share a similar concept to the original game, Dixit. However, there are some odd changes here and there for Stella. Scoring the most amount of points in-game is still the trick to finding a winner, however, Stella will encourage opponents to share an idea - guessing what witty creation has been born in the depths of imaginationland!

Dixit is incredibly simple to pick up and play. The game is pitched for ages 8+ - being a perfect game to challenge the imagination and creative thinking under some strange scenarios, prompted by a beautiful image. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Stella: Dixit Universe on December 3rd.

Are you looking to expand your ideas in Dixit? 

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