Escape The Dangers And Wreckage Of The Tomb Of Maeshowe

January 7, 2022 by fcostin

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One of my heroes growing up was Lara Croft. Hunting tombs and finding precious artefacts through a rough and gritty adventure was right up my street. Later finding the likes of Nathan Drake and indulged in exploration board game titles, into tombs, pyramids and deep dig dives.

The chambered tomb of Maeshowe, encased belongs treasure - pure enough to turn a man insane. The journey there takes wit, savagery and hand to manage you out of many difficult situations. However, getting out of the ancient tomb will prove even further brutality.

Maeshowe - Dragon Dawn Productions

Maeshowe // Dragon Dawn Productions

Maeshowe, a card game of hand-management on the brink of survival in to escape tomb of Maeshowe is now in retail!

"According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Earl Rognvald Kali Kolsson broke into the chambered tomb of Maeshowe, on Orkney, in AD 1150. In AD 1153, Earl Harald Maddadson and a group of his men sheltered there during a snowstorm."

Whether you want to go at it alone, or with a friend, the journey to free yourself from rubble and dangers ahead will be beyond perilous. Each player will hold five cards to manage, as they hope to clear the barricade of rubble forcing them inside the tomb. Surviving, players must manage their resources ensuring they stay alive, meaning keeping good health and ensuring they are not starving!

Card Showcase - Maeshowe

Card Showcase // Maeshowe

By utilising Excavation cards, they will find their way out through the rocks and rubble, however, face the collapsing structure, lack of food, and sleep to contend it. Not to worry, Odin's Raven is taking care of you if things do get a little hairy - but don't rely your life on the cards!

If players lose their health or their draw deck runs out, they will become one encased in the tomb for future explorers and archaeologists to discover.

The game can take roughly 15-30 minutes to get through, depending on whether you go in alone or with a buddy, but really does create a perfect two-player experience for two. The previous Kickstarter campaign was funded in the first 40 minutes, so it is fantastic to see it on the shelves at FLGS!

Do you think you would be able to escape Maeshowe on your own, or would you prefer going in as a pair? 

"Whether you want to go at it alone, or with a friend, the journey to free yourself from rubble and dangers ahead will be beyond perilous..."

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