Exploding Kittens Creator Show Off Mantis Shrimp Card Game

March 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you a fan of family titles from Exploding Kittens? You can guarantee at any family get-together, whether it be Christmas, New Year - one particular looney The Oatmeal title will make its way to the table. Whether it be Bears Vs Babies, Throw, Throw Burrito or the classic Exploding Kittens. They are always a bunch of fun, simple to learn and fab for a social atmosphere.

56293012-Mantis - Exploding Kittens

Mantis // Exploding Kittens

Mantis is out in Target over in the US at the moment, which has been locked down as an exclusive! Putting the wonderfully stunning yet disturbingly deadly Mantis Shrimp at the front of their own card-focussed title.

The artwork from all Exploding Kittens games is from the studio The Oatmeal, with award-winning cartoonist Matthew Inman. Now, these witty comic strips have told many a story. Whether it be sociopathic kitties, wholesome characters or crazy critters in suspicious scenarios.

Why the Mantis Shrimp is My New Favorite Animal - The Oatmeal

Why The Mantis Shrimp Is My New Favourite Animal // The Oatmeal

One comic in particular that has made me smile (and is very informative, I might add!) is: Why the Mantis Shrimp is my favourite animal. Which has inspired the tabletop title Mantis, for players to rack up a number of points flexing those colour cones.

The comic briefly takes readers through the mind-blowing existence of the Mantis Shrimp, its catastrophic attack, the broad spectrum of colour input, and of course, the fact that the crustacean is visually fabulous.

Colour Cards - Mantis

Colour Cards // Mantis

Now that players are all clued up with the Mantis Shrimp mantra - as the comic is included in the box - they can dive into the game of colours with stabby mechanics in a title to steal or score. 2-6 players will have a total of four coloured cards in their arsenal, however, this must be visual to the rest of the group.

In hopes to match colours - players will each individually work at their own strategy in finding the cards and colours they need. Whether that be picking up from the draw pile, or stealing off opponents. By matching cards in a hand this will be racking up a series of points - the person who hits 10 points first is the winner.

I am not too sure why this is only available in Target - as this title seems like a lot of fun and one to add to my collection of Exploding Kittens titles. Hopefully, we will see this eventually released to a worldwide market later down the line.

It's about time the Mantis Shrimp took control of its own title! 

"The Mantis Shrimp has a catastrophic attack, a broad spectrum of colour input, and the crustacean is visually fabulous..."

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